Boris the Spectacled Hare-Wallaby

Original coloured pencil artwork presented as Acrylic glass print.

Boris is a resident Spectacled Hare-wallaby in the nocturnal house at The Territory Wildlife Park. He was found as a young joey in 2015 near Borroloola, his mother having been killed by a car, and has lived at the Wildlife Park since.

Spectacled Hare-wallabies are especially adapted to living in the hot dry open forests and grassland which cover much of northern Australia. They are entirely nocturnal, sheltering during the day in large tussocks of spinifex or similar and can derive all the moisture they need from the dry plant matter they eat.  Whilst not currently listed as Endangered, their numbers have declined due to predation by feral animals and  habitat alteration through changes in fire regimes and land use.

Archival quality giclee prints available in A3 and A4 sizes in my shop.

Spectacled Hare-Wallaby medium