Dingo Puppy Trio  РRiver, Chilli and Laya, at around 8 weeks old.

Original coloured pencil artwork presented as Acrylic glass print

Born to a wild Dingo mother and discovered on the Territory Wildlife Park grounds as tiny abandoned puppies by a zookeeper in mid 2020, River, Chilli and Laya have been raised on the park. In this portrait they were around 8 weeks old and had begun their programme of socialisation with people other than their carer zookeepers. This was to ensure that the puppies grew into well adjusted confident animals used to humans and used to being handled when required.

Whilst fully protected as native wildlife in the Northern Territory, Dingoes are considered ‘pest’ species in some other jurisdictions.

Archival quality giclee prints available in A3 and A4 sizes in my shop.


Dingo Puppy Trio large